Moccasin Cove Mysteries--Back Cover Blurbs for Books 1 & 2

Here are the Back Cover Blurbs for the first two books in the MCM series currently under development. I'd love to hear your feedback. This journey to traditional publishing takes a village!

ChainLinked! Book 1

Theme: Connections

What if you gained national recognition for flipping failing public schools, but you couldn’t fix the grief constricting your own heart? What if you had to do both while solving a murder?

Ana Callahan fled her Florida hometown after a tragedy twenty years ago. Now she’s back, ready to battle a powerful charter school operator for the fate of her childhood elementary school. Armed with the grit and vinegar to succeed, Ana discovers Moccasin Cove is not the sunny, middle-class industrial beach town she left behind. Everywhere she looks she sees economic devastation that rivals the failures at every campus she’s ever flipped—but this flip is her home.

With the state standing by to shutter her school, she gets to work and chalks up a few small victories. Ana's confidence falters after a reporter tries to link her tragic past to the man accused of a local murder. Ana won’t turn tail and run this time. Undeterred by the setback, she adds, “investigate murder” to her lengthy to-do list.

Accustomed to working solo, she is unexpectedly paired with the school district’s opinionated new security consultant, a recently retired Air Force colonel. He is annoyingly handsome, and secretly dealing with grief of his own. Then the victim’s odd connection to Ana’s deceased fiancĂ© emerges, testing Ana’s resolve and twisting the grief tangling her reawakened heart. In the end, her suppressed guilt, and that determined colonel, force Ana to admit she has a lot to learn about murder

AppleJacked! Book 2 

Theme: Locus of Control

What if you were poised to win a lucrative school grant, but you lost a teacher instead, to murder? What if the only way to solve the crime was to face a riptide of childhood secrets and a murderer intent on making you the next victim?  


School principal Ana Campbell is a skeptical optimist. For twenty years she’s survived the fray of failing public schools, ultimately winning awards as a school turnaround specialist. Now she is home to fix the failing elementary school of her childhood. Two years into her hard-fought effort, she thinks she is in control with success and a half-million-dollar school grant award in her sights. 

Then her grand plan hits a snag. A teacher is murdered on Ana’s campus and a teenager Ana mentors goes missing during the tour for a coveted grant award. Moccasin Cove is flooded with nosey news crews. The story of the teacher's murder and her connection to the evil corporation that crippled the town goes viral.  An abrasive rookie detective has her sights set on all the wrong suspects. 

Frustrated, Ana uses her grit, wit, and some good-natured southern arm-twisting to investigate the crime. But the unexpected riptide of childhood secrets, an attempt on her own life, and a second murder propel her toward a dangerous truth; while it takes a village to raise a child, it may also take your life


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