AppleJacked! Back Cover Blurb

AppleJacked! A Moccasin Cove Mystery  (Book 1)

Applejacked—the process of having your Apple [device] stolen, usually as a result of wearing the telltale white earbuds. by Christopher Jennings September 14, 2005


                        The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.


School principal Ana Campbell is a skeptical optimist. Her insights and attitudes are forged from that wonky 70s to 80s memory mix of war protestors and love of country; Watergate and the Berlin Wall; Nancy Drew books, Flipper television reruns, and untamed beaches on Florida's Gulf coast. For twenty-five years she’s survived the fray of failing public schools, ultimately winning awards as a school turnaround specialist, all the while following her husband on assignments and worrying through his deployments in the US Air Force. Now he’s a retired colonel who has followed her home to Moccasin Cove. 

Tasked with turning around the failing K-5 of her childhood, Ana thinks she is in control with success and a half-million dollar school grant award in her sights. But Moccasin Cove is not the sunny middle-class industrial beach town she left behind, and nowhere is the Cove’s economic devastation more evident than at the elementary school. Then a teacher is murdered on her campus and a teenager Ana mentors goes missing. Thrust into an unwelcome alliance with the abrasive parent accused of the crime, Ana is forced to investigate.

When the story of the teacher's murder and her connection to the evil corporation that crippled the town goes viral, Ana’s wit, grit, and good-natured southern arm-twisting help her deal with the glaring national spotlight. But the unexpected riptide of childhood secrets, an attempt on her own life, and a second murder propel her toward a dangerous truth; while it takes a village to raise a child, it may also take your life



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