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Typing with My Fingers Crossed

Photo used with permission and provided by Pasco Fire Rescue As I write this post I am clicking between my Twitter feed and the local news websites following a story about a massive sinkhole that swallowed two homes just about ten miles from where I type.   It happened a few days ago and, Thank God, no one was hurt, including the pets, thanks to our brave Pasco County first responders.  Property loss, yes. Groundwater contamination—likely. Peace of mind for those involved and their neighbors? Gone. Makes this post seem minor in comparison. It is. So, what’s the connection?                                                  Those homeowners chose to live in homes built on a foundation of brittle karst topography. As do we all in Florida. Drawn by the area’s lakes and natural beauty, they lived each day with fingers crossed that the earth would remain stable under their feet. Every day they enjoyed the beauty of their surroundings—a tradeoff. When the earth won the ga