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Happy Book Birthday to ChainLinked

  Today is my book birthday!   No, I don't plan to smash my face into a perfectly good cake, but then again!   ChainLinked is my publishing debut, whoo-hoo! Some of you have already ordered and received the print book, but the ebook launches today, therefore this is my official book birthday. I have so many folks to thank for this milestone and for already purchasing the book. Please send those happy reviews to Amazon and spread the word! But why did I choose August 30 th  ? Two reasons. Picnic Island Park-Port Tampa It is National Beach Day , and ChainLinked is set on an island off Florida’s Gulf coast. It features both gulf and bayside beaches and the estuaries connecting the two. Beaches of course, are picturesque for their many moods and opportunities for adventure. I love the beach and my writing allowed for vicarious visits through the experiences of my protagonist. Celebrations, youthful exploration, respite, and finding closure all come to mind when I imagine the reaso

BLOG TOUR & Book Review News!

  ChainLinked has earned its first review on Amazon--FIVE STARS!! Active Links: 8/18   #WriterWednesday Interview with Author Liz Boeger — Heather Weidner 8/25   Ally Shield's Coffee Chat Books Blog Active Links: 8/18   #WriterWednesday Interview with Author Liz Boeger — Heather Weidner 8/25  Ally Shield's Coffee Chat Books Blog

ChainLinked Blog Tour—All Aboard!

  ChainLinked Blog Tour—All Aboard! My journey to become a published author has included many great acquaintances and wonderful supporters in the writing community. One of those early friends, whose detective novels I get a kick out of reading is Heather Weidner. I’m a guest at her Crazy For Words blog today, where I reveal a little about myself, some things about my writing, my characters, my fabric hoarding issues…you know, this or that. Hope you stop by! Writer Wednesday Blog