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Guest Post by Lois Winston, Author of Scrapbook of Murder

I am pleased to welcome author, Lois Winston to the Moccasin Cove Mysteries blog. Lois is a fellow mystery writer and craft enthusiast who graciously allowed me to post a piece by my main character on her blog last summer. With the release of the sixth book, Scrapbook of Murder, in her fun mystery series, I thought I'd return the favor . Enjoy her post--Liz.     Forsaking Romance For Murder By Lois Winston Once upon a time I wrote books that ended with an HEA (that’s romance shorthand for happily ever after), where the hero and heroine always wound up either married or at least planning to wed by the end of the book. These days you’ll find my laptop planted firmly in the mystery world, thanks to a reluctant amateur sleuth named Anastasia Pollack. Anastasia took over my life and my writing about ten years ago, and since then, I haven’t written another romance. You see, Anastasia is a very demanding protagonist. Since the first Anastasia Pollack Crafting Myste