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162,519 Views--Distraction or Inspiration?

The United Stated and the world, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first Lunar landing this week--myself included. The Twitter snip above reminded me of the excitement I felt watching the various launches-landings-splash downs in grade school. I never wanted to be an astronaut, but I admired the beauty of the concept and sheer determination that made the space program a success.  INSPIRED by the NASA tweet, I retweeted it with a comment meant to generalize my warm and fuzzy feelings about those childhood memories of watching the televised launch to splashdown cycle. I generally retweet things that are interesting to me. So do millions of others. I typically get a LIKE or REPLY from within my limited Twitter community. But, dang if this tweet didn't explode like a supernova! (Don't send me a correction if there is something scientifically off about that simile.) As you can see below as of 8:00 o'clock this morning, it had over 162,519 views. That was when I d

Don't Kill the Class Pet

                                   A cautionary tale for anyone new to teaching regarding class pets and good intentions.      Not so funny, but interesting—The day after I graduated with my teaching degree, I was to start a temporary job as a first-grade teacher. Being conscientious, I went to the classroom after school on the Friday before that Monday for a look around. The previous teacher had resigned and already moved out. I was joined by the principal, who I believe, in retrospect, came along solely to point out the filthy water in the 10-gallon fish tank. I got the hint. After she left, I moved the big goldfish (think koi) to a bucket with the dirty water and dutifully cleaned the tank.      Proud of myself for taking the initiative, I refilled the tank, reset the clean gravel and other aquarium tchotchkes. Then I scooped Goldie out of his bucket and placed him in his fresh tank. Now, anyone who knows how to properly care for an aquarium, is probably cringing, or