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Visit my guest post about crafting and writing!

Happy Today, Readers!  I'm thrilled to divert you to a different website today where I am guest posting about art, crafts, and writing.  After pummeling my main character with problems, how do I allow her a breather so she can regroup to fight another day? Read all about it in my guest post at Lois Winston’s anastasiapollack.blogspot .

CREATIVES Make the Book a Reality!

Have you ever noticed how expressing genuine gratitude and constantly saying, “thank you,” can wear you down after a while? Especially after you’ve repeated the mantra for months and years on end to all points on the virtual globe. Geez, can’t a woman just write the book and get it out there into the world, all on her own, in like, one click? Whatever happened to that big red EASY button? Sorry, I may need a nap for all the appreciation coursing through my veins, sapping my energy. But while I’m at it, I’m sure I’ll have sweet dreams about two of the folks who work quietly in the background, LABORING IN LOVE to ensure my work puts its best foot forward.  I’m talking about the CREATIVES: my cover artist DAR ALBERT and interior formatting designer DEBORA LEWIS. Did you hear the ethereal soundtrack kick in just now at the mention of their names? creative [krēˈādiv] NOUN creatives  (plural noun) 1.      a person who is creative, typically in a professional context.   Oxfor

Book Birthday Bash Afterparty!

As promised, here is the photo of the CRIME SCENE I set up in my front yard to celebrate my book birthday. It did not get the gruesome reaction I imagined it might, since I've known most of my neighbors for a couple of decades. But it was fun. I put little cards in the baggie with the Amazon QR code and book title for those who wanted to order it when they got home.