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ChainLinked Cover Reveal & Ready for Pre-Order!!

It is Cover Reveal Time! Amazon & Other outlets-->Pre-Orders open for my debut: ChainLinked-A Moccasin Cove Mystery Release Date: August 30th Thank you misterio press! FRONT COVER! Back Cover & Spine I'll have the full set up for ebook and paperback on Amazon and through Draft 2 Digital in the next few days, including the look inside and author page.  Hope you order and tell all your friends!  After you read ChainLinked, I hope you'll leave a positive review. Thank you!

Series LOGO Reveal!!

Hello fellow mystery lovers!  I have been deep in the publishing prep trenches this summer. And thanks to a LOT of help from my friends, I'm past the major worry-hurdles and enjoying a momentary bit of smooth sailing. I have a pre-order launch date and book release date scheduled and plan to do a cover reveal in the next couple of weeks!  YIKES-so much fun! I thought I might do a series logo reveal to tide you over until the big cover reveal day. I created my series logo to depict the genre and the location of the books in the series. What do you think?

Horses & Hollywood = Mystery & Suspense

  I think horses are beautiful animals, but I was the odd kid out who never longed to be a rider. After reading this article I get the attraction. I hope you'll pop on over to this intriguing post by author Sasscer Hill on the multifaceted world inside horse breeding, training, and racing.  A behind-the-scenes look at the world of #Horse Racing and #Hollywood in today’s #blog post and in Sasscer Hill’s new Nicki Latrelle #mystery Shooting Star via @misteriopress #amreading #thriller

Guest Post: Kirsten Weiss> What's a Paranormal Cozy?

Image Credit: Christina Hernandez on UNSPLASH One of the perks of partnering with misterio press for the upcoming release of my new Moccasin Cove Mystery series is getting to rub virtual elbows with established authors. Today I have the pleasure of sharing a post by author, Kirsten Weiss, who is so well established in the mystery genre that she has six active series and a standalone. I hope you'll check out her fun books, including Unbound , just published and available at the buy links at the end of this post. --Liz What’s a Paranormal Cozy? Thanks, Liz, for letting me post here, and congratulations to you on your Daphne Nomination! That’s a tough competition and a big honor! So. I’m Kirsten Weiss and like Liz, I’m an author with misterio press. (No caps). I write both cozy mystery and cozy paranormal mystery – which just goes to show how much variety there is in mystery genres these days. Liz thought it might be interesting if I defined what both those sub-genres are. So,