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Read any good BLURBS lately?

  Has your schedule shifted in the past year? Does less time commuting mean more time for reading? Gee, I hope so. If you’re like me, when you have a spare second, your thoughts naturally run to books. So many books and suddenly, a little more time, right? According to the website, in 2020, trade book sales were up close to ten percent and audio books made a sonic leap in sales to over 16%. If you find yourself in the catbird seat of the reader with a little time to spare, how do you choose what book you’ll read next? Do you check out the online reviews, front cover, first page, or the back cover blurb first? Whether you head to the Amazon to search virtually or venture out F2S   (face to stacks,) most folks have a go-to routine for zeroing in on the next occupant of their e-reader or trusty nightstand. My style? I thought you’d never ask. My well-honed, Five-Step method is guaranteed to work in any venue-real or Memorex. 1-Loosen up--crack your knu

AppleJacked-Third Place Daphne du Maurier Award

 AppleJacked is an RWA-Daphne finalist in Unpublished Mainstream Mystery/Suspense! Fast forward to June 26th:  And the winner is....Not me!  But that is okay because I came in Third! Yay, me! Congratulations to Ruth (1st) and Lis (2nd) for your wins.  I look forward to reading your books someday.   For those of you unfamiliar with writing contests, here is my short stump speech about the concept. I have entered contests for several reasons. Of course, I always want to win, but knowing the stiff competition, I have ulterior motives.     1-K now why you are entering.   Is there a prize? Publication? Opportunity to chat with an agent or editor? Or the first thing I look for, is there written feedback from the judges? In the case of the RWA KOD contest, I consider the judges' feedback to be a great reward, win or lose. In every contest where I have received feedback, I may not always agree with some of the comments, but they are always offered from an instructive point of view and ar