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SHELF TALKERS-Book Promotion in the Village

Shelf Talker of SSYRA Title What do Wimpy Kids , Captain Underpants , and the Sunshine State Young Readers Award list have in common? They are all titles that have been previewed in a writing project by my fourth graders called, Shelf Talkers. As a result, reluctant readers and other students have a peer to peer enticement to check out and read new books from our school media center. A Reading-Writing-Win Win. After crafting a prototype based on a class favorite, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone , I presented the idea to a few of my more avid readers. They jumped at the chance to write book previews that would then be placed on the library shelves. Through trial and error, collaboration, and agreeing to NO SPOILERS, two students took over the project leadership. On their own time they prepared an advertising plan (hallway posters) and designed teacher invitations. They were interviewed on the school news show by our school Media Specialist , who was an early adop