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A New Thriller-Suspense from Three Points of View!

What would you do if your grandchild went missing? What about your teenager? I’d like to welcome my fellow GUPPY and debut author Lis Angus to the blog today. Her debut novel, Not Your Child, takes these questions to the next level in a chilling story of loss and resilience told from the perspectives of three characters. Thank you for being a guest, Lis. I’m so happy for you and look forward to seeing Not Your Child out in the world on April 18 th .   You can read my review of this chilling novel here.   Back Cover Blurb Ottawa psychologist and single mother Susan Koss discovers that a strange man has been following her twelve-year-old daughter Maddy. She fears he’s a predator, but it’s worse than that. The man, Daniel Kazan, believes Maddy is his granddaughter, abducted as a baby, and he’s obsessed with getting her back. Susan insists on a DNA test to disprove Daniel’s claim, but the result is one she can’t understand or explain: it says she’s not Maddy’s mother. Then Madd