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Genre Reassignment--My Scandalous Author’s Secret (Part 1)

Quilting-A hobby I started after I turned 40. I entered this quilt, “TANG” in the Kumquat Festival, 2012. I confess, I’ve come late in life to a variety of things through the fault of my maxillary and mandibular anatomy. I did not get my first tooth until I was well past age two. It seemed to set a trend. I blame my late teeth for my disreputable late in life genre reassignment as well.   After a lifelong dedication to all things in the predicatably safe realm of nonfiction, I inexplicably detoured into the underbelly of writing—genre fiction. I’m not talking literary fiction, no, it had to be genre, commercial, and a cozy mystery, at that. My respected reputation writing no nonsense theme papers, a sixth-grade autobiography, my high school yearbook, informational essays, research reports, industry newsletters, and eventually, graduate level tomes--none of it and all of it prepared me for writing a mystery. I’ll cover more lessons-learned in my next few blog post