Happy Book Birthday to ChainLinked


Today is my book birthday! 
No, I don't plan to smash my face into a perfectly good cake, but then again!  

ChainLinked is my publishing debut, whoo-hoo! Some of you have already ordered and received the print book, but the ebook launches today, therefore this is my official book birthday. I have so many folks to thank for this milestone and for already purchasing the book. Please send those happy reviews to Amazon and spread the word!

But why did I choose August 30th ? Two reasons.

Picnic Island Park-Port Tampa

It is National Beach Day, and ChainLinked is set on an island off Florida’s Gulf coast. It features both gulf and bayside beaches and the estuaries connecting the two. Beaches of course, are picturesque for their many moods and opportunities for adventure. I love the beach and my writing allowed for vicarious visits through the experiences of my protagonist. Celebrations, youthful exploration, respite, and finding closure all come to mind when I imagine the reasons many seek the cushioning sand and tranquil waves. Setting the story on the sandy shores of Moccasin Cove was intentional. But not everything that came out in my writing was planned.

It is National Grief Day, and Chainlinked, while a light-hearted cozy mystery, tackles the lasting impact of grief in a subplot. (Or at least my take on it for my characters.) I did not set out to include grief as a theme in my writing, but it crept in, much like the real emotion. Then it hung on and forced me to write more deeply and thoughtfully than I thought myself capable of doing—than I thought necessary for a cozy mystery. But there it is, and I believe it made my characters better for their journeys through loss. Kinda like real life. I pray the journey we travel through loss enriches us, as did the people for whom we mourn.

So that’s it. I hope you’ll celebrate this day with me. Drop in a comment—I’d love to hear from you. When you get some time, head out to the beach. I know you’ll bring your loved ones along in your heart.


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Hope you stop by tomorrow for the after-party photos. I warned the sheriff's office ahead of time, but I'm a bit worried things may get outta hand. Here's a sneak peek:


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