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Hurricane Irma & Loving Florida

When I was a kid I did not know that growing up in Florida was such a cool gig. I do now. I love that my parents moved from the heartland and farm country of southern Illinois--their home turf, to sunny Florida to settle and expand their family. I arrived at the end of the baby boom, number five of an eventual seven. While I was raised by midwesterners, I learned some important southern ways at the side of my Florida family.

Like Florida's sunny rep-I learned from family and friends how important a sunny disposition is to survival. Not Polly Ana--I'm talking about having an optimism and grit-laced sunny outlook. These characteristics colored my character development in AppleJacked! (No spoiler, but a hurricane subplot will play heavily in Book 3: CrashCourse!) With Hurricane Irma battering the Florida Keys right now and working her way directly toward where I sit, I'm gonna need that grit and optimism. Even my early memories of hurricanes are like that.

Two come to mind. F…

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Visit My First Guest Blog

I am thrilled to share a link to my FIRST EVER guest blog!  Lois Winston has graciously given my main character, Ana Campbell some space to share an easy and fun Classroom Craft Hack on Anastasia Pollack's blog: Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers.  Click below to read it.  Hope you can stop by and leave a comment.