Moccasin Cove Mysteries--Back Cover Blurbs for Books 1 & 2

Here are the Back Cover Blurbs for the first two books in the MCM series currently under development. I'd love to hear your feedback. This journey to traditional publishing takes a village!

ChainLinked! Book 1

Theme: Connections

What if you gained national recognition for flipping failing public schools, but you couldn’t fix the grief constricting your own heart? What if you had to do both while solving a murder?

Pitch: Ana Callahan fled her Florida hometown after a tragedy twenty years ago. Now she’s back, ready to battle a powerful charter school operator for the fate of her childhood elementary school. Armed with the grit and vinegar to succeed, Ana discovers Moccasin Cove is not the sunny, middle-class industrial beach town she left behind. Everywhere she looks she sees economic devastation that rivals the failures at every campus she’s ever flipped—but this flip is her home.

With the state standing by to shutter her school, she gets to work and chalks up a few small victor…

Don't Kill the Class Pet

A cautionary tale for anyone new to teaching regarding class pets and good intentions.
     Not so funny, but interesting—The day after I graduated with my teaching degree, I was to start a temporary job as a first-grade teacher. Being conscientious, I went to the classroom after school on the Friday before that Monday for a look around. The previous teacher had resigned and already moved out. I was joined by the principal, who I believe, in retrospect, came along solely to point out the filthy water in the 10-gallon fish tank. I got the hint. After she left, I moved the big goldfish (think koi) to a bucket with the dirty water and dutifully cleaned the tank.
Proud of myself for taking the initiative, I refilled the tank, reset the clean gravel and other aquarium tchotchkes. Then I scooped Goldie out of his bucket and placed him in his fresh tank. Now, anyone who knows how to properly care for an aquarium, is probably cringing, or maybe even yelling at this post buy now. Goldie…

Pirates Have Invaded My Writing!

Image Credit: Christopher Hollis, Hollis for Wdwic Pictures [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

"AARRGH! Vast Ye scurvy readers! 'Tis Gasparilla in Tampa and the city is ours for the takin'!"

Sorry for the horrible attempt at pirate-speak, but it's in my blood. Butchering the brogue is expected of Tampa natives. I love this annual tradition that starts with a pirate invasion on a grand ship bedecked with flags and booming cannon fire. The kidnapping of the mayor and an attempted takeover of the city follow.  The festivities include parades, balls, and other charity events. It all culminates in a flotilla and then a traditional street parade and the downing of much alcohol. In my adult years, the wise organizers have added a children's parade, leaving the debauchery to the original event a week later.

As a kid, the pirates docked and disemba…

Guest Author: Rick Homan