Building My Writing Tribe

Reposting my original blog page from 2017. Enjoy!

Welcome to the MOCCASIN COVE MYSTERIES blog where, "It takes a village..."
Surely, you've heard this phrase before. As a writer seeking publication of my first novel, AppleJacked! I have learned that building my social media presence is high up on the to-do list for prospective agents and editors. The to-do before that to-do, though, is to build my writing tribe.

MY WRITING TRIBE As a rather private person the idea of "getting out there" was/is a bit daunting. To alleviate the related stress, I have enlisted legions of authors and industry pros through this fantastic network called the Internet. That’s where the “village” comes in. My tribe is the group of writing practitioners who, in addition to my dear family and friends, wake up each morning asking themselves, "Just what can I do to help LIZ today?"Really, they do!
Starting with the great folks at the Florida Writers Association who offer among many th…

Guest Post: Ashley Lynch-Harris

I am pleased to welcome, Ashley Lynch-Harris to my blog today. I met Ashley a couple of years ago at the Oxford Exchange, a way-cool bookstore and eatery in downtown Tampa. I think you'll find her take on the writing process to be informative and uplifting. Please share a comment and link to her books below. All formatting wonkiness is on my end, my apologies. --Liz

A Writer’s Creative Process

By: Ashley Lynch-Harris

I recently started pursuing my Master of Fine Arts in Writing, and one of my favorite aspects of the program is connecting with other writers. Although we write in various genres, we still inevitably find certain facets of the writing process in which we all can relate. Sometimes it’s swapping stories of how a scene just flowed from our fingertips onto the page and then the next day we share (often through a blended mix of sobs and laughter) how we spent the evening revising that same scene until it was unrecognizable. Sometimes it’s a shared understanding as a peer desc…

Remembering 9/11/01 Forward

On the eighteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I join other patriots, and friends across the globe, in remembering those victims and first responders and their families. Many lost their lives protecting freedom and liberty in our Great county.

I have many riches in my life because of their sacrifice. Thank you.

One of those riches is the foray into writing that I started in 2012. I have a guest post today at
Pens, Paws, and Claws Blog

After you've said a prayer or passed along an act of kindness in honor of this historic date, I hope you can stop by the blog for a fun read about my pets and writing.

162,519 Views--Distraction or Inspiration?

The United Stated and the world, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first Lunar landing this week--myself included. The Twitter snip above reminded me of the excitement I felt watching the various launches-landings-splash downs in grade school. I never wanted to be an astronaut, but I admired the beauty of the concept and sheer determination that made the space program a success. 
INSPIRED by the NASA tweet, I retweeted it with a comment meant to generalize my warm and fuzzy feelings about those childhood memories of watching the televised launch to splashdown cycle. I generally retweet things that are interesting to me. So do millions of others. I typically get a LIKE or REPLY from within my limited Twitter community. But, dang if this tweet didn't explode like a supernova! (Don't send me a correction if there is something scientifically off about that simile.) As you can see below as of 8:00 o'clock this morning, it had over 162,519 views. That was when I deleted th…