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PATRIOTISM Matters in a PC World


Visit My First Guest Blog

I am thrilled to share a link to my FIRST EVER guest blog!  Lois Winston has graciously given my main character, Ana Campbell some space to share an easy and fun Classroom Craft Hack on Anastasia Pollack's blog: Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers.  Click below to read it.  Hope you can stop by and leave a comment.



Building My Writing Tribe

Welcome to the MOCCASIN COVE MYSTERIES blog where, "It takes a village..."
Surely, you've heard this phrase before. As a writer seeking publication of my first novel, AppleJacked! I have learned that building my social media presence is high up on the to-do list for prospective agents and editors. The to-do before that to-do, though, is to build my writing tribe.

MY WRITING TRIBE As a rather private person the idea of "getting out there" was/is a bit daunting. To alleviate the related stress, I have enlisted legions of authors and industry pros through this fantastic network called the Internet. That’s where the “village” comes in. My tribe is the group of writing practitioners who, in addition to my dear family and friends, wake up each morning asking themselves, "Just what can I do to help LIZ today?"Really, they do!
Starting with the great folks at the Florida Writers Association who offer among many things, the RPLA, (see photo and caption) and more …