PATRIOTISM Matters in a PC World

Thank you, American heroes in the armed forces. Thank you. 
Whether you served stateside or overseas, in 1776 or today. Thank you. 
Regardless of branch, rank, station, or duty assignment. Thank you. 
Irrespective of your race, political affiliation or your creed, or gender, or mine. Thank you.

As we near the Fourth of July holiday, I believe civilians have our own duty. We must create reminders of the sacrifices of our servicemembers—and their families’ as well. We must ensure they have the post-service care and opportunities they have earned. We must not ignore them.

I took these photos at a Chick-fil-A restaurant a few weeks ago, at the store located in South Tampa. This store is close to MacDill AFB, and is frequented by our servicemembers. Being a Chick-fil-A fan, over the years I have visited five or six other stores in the two-county area where I live. But this is the only one where I have seen this display. It was a humbling reminder of the sacrifices others made and continue to make for my liberties.

This blog post is one small way for me to recognize their contributions to the wonderful life and freedoms I enjoy each day. Thank you. It is a humbling reminder of the responsibility I bear when contributing to the political discourse on social media. Discourse that demands civility, humility, accuracy, honesty, and a willingness to keep our country moving forward and becoming better, together—despite our differences and deficiencies.

2017 commemorates the 241st year we celebrate our independence. I remember the Bicentennial in 1976, and am amazed that I will (likely) also see the 250th. Countless men and women made this happen. Thank you.

Thanks for stopping by today. What about you? How do you or will you recognize and thank our active duty servicemen and women and our veterans?


  1. And thank you for remembering that Freedom is paid for by personal sacrifice.

  2. An honor to do so, CJ. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Oh my, how thoughtful of Chik fil a. I wish I had one near me.

    1. Hi Vicki, Yes--one example of corporate America that seems to "get it." Be well!


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