Flash Fiction (I Think?)

(This was a fun experiment from a Twitter post by Janet Reid in January 2016. I think there were specific words that had to be included too like, shim. There may have been a word limit too--hence the "flash fiction".)

Twelve years a secret. Finally free, I will boldly execute every thought, phrase, sentence, in explanation before the sun burns off the memory’s chill. But now, how to get the paper to absorb the damned ink? It begs for the incoming blacktide.

Repentant words flow from my fingertips impossibly jamming in the canal of the Sharpie. I take the blade, shim it into the tip. Force the ink free. It floods onto the white parchment, unburdens my soul. Release! It’s all true--I was the one who ate the last bowl of cereal and left the empty box in the pantry.


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